10 reasons why Corporate Travel pooling makes you a HERO @ work

by Kruze

Posted on November 29, 2018 at 12:03 PM

Corporate travel makes you a hero

We all wish to be a HERO in each of our individual lives, don’t we? Right from attaining our targets at workto meeting the stringent deadlines that keeps our BOSS happy;  in the fight to meet the goals of our professional life, we’re trying to maintain a balance in our personal life too and  wish to tick all the right boxes at the right time. .

But little do we realise, that between work and home, is the commute that contributes to our success both professionally and personally. If you want to be a Hero, you have to do what Heroes do! And every HERO has their sidekick! GoKruze is here for you…Here are 10 reasons how GoKruze makes you a hero at your workplace:

1. Heroes stay FRESH

Getting to work can be a daunting task using the Public Transport, between the push and pull in the crowded trains to the constant convincing to the rickshawalla, your efforts to get to work, becomes a lot of work. We help you get to work, all fresh. No hassle, just pure comfort.

2. Heroes are Productive

When you are fresh, it shows and you can conquer the day with ease. Every Hero ka by default attribute. Show your boss, how’s it’s done!

3. Heroes take time for themselves

When you are not haggling your way to work, and choose to Kruze, then time is your best friend! Use it to read your favorite book, browse the web or maybe even catch up on that well deserved sleep. (Psst. Even heroes need rest!)

4. Heroes are Social

Why commute alone, when you can get your friend along. What’s better than one kruzer?  Two kruzers! 

5. Heroes of the Family

When you are fresh at work and home, you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Work on that side project you’ve always wanted, or spend some quality time with your loved ones. It’s the small things that matter in the end.

6. Heroes are Wise

When you decide to Bus Pool, you understand what your city needs.You understand,that your action is bringing an impact to decongesting the crowded streets.Hi Five to you for that!

7. Heroes are Influencers

Your peers and your family look upto you. As your decision to share a ride, has a positive effect on the people around you. Way to Go, you Kruzer…!

8. Heroes are Connected

Being a hero is no easy work, it means you’re connected to the world at all timeWe hear you and got you covered.Use the plug point charge station by your seats to stay connected. And never stay out of touch

9. Heroes are Environmental-Friendly

Your actions speak louder than words, When you Kruze, you’re making a statement and you are the reason, our future is in good hands.

10. Heroes are Punctual

You have to be on time for the action, orelse there’s really no worth to it all. GoKruze will get you there. Consider us your mode of transport that will take you places!

We at GoKruze enjoy to bring to light our services in a way everyone can relate. However, on a serious note, GoKruze has been designed for your everyday commute to work. With our 20+ years of corporate logistics experience, we understand what fits the needs of everyday office goers in Mumbai.

Online Bus Booking In Mumbai

GoKruze rated as the Best AC Bus App offers the Online Bus Booking inMumbai with our services spread across the various corporate hubs in the city. It has gradually become the favorite amongst the corporate professionals as you can book and confirm your seat in the bus on the go quite easily. Give us a try and tell us what you think of our services. We are constantly innovating based on the feedback of our customers and so we would like to hear from you.

You can Call, SMS, or WhatsApp the team on 80 80 80 69 89 for information on routes, prices and bookings. Download our android or IOS application:http://bit.ly/2IcAVxq

(Just FYI, if the hero in you decides to take a vacation, GoKruze rental cabs and buses can cater to your needs here too!) . GoKruze- the  one stop shop for all your commute needs!