About Us

Its only about time that we change the way we travel. No more driving your vehicle all by yourself just to get to work. Today we travel in groups, not just because its safer, but also because we are aware of the the effects excessive pollution has on our lives.

At IndiYeah Tech Pvt. Ltd. we've merged the concept of technology with transportation, giving birth to KRUZE. and keeping in mind to creating a better future for our generations to come, we are promoting collective group travelling as the perfect alternative.

With our standardized fleet of buses, Kruze is setting a new benchmark in the corporate transportation industry. We believe that if we take care of our customers, our customers take care of our business.Keeping you in mind first, we make sure that our services a catered more towards your needs. With WiFi services and Power outlets in every row, to GPS Tracking facility to Travel entertainment solution, when you kruze to work, we take your mind off the trip!

IndiYeah Tech Pvt. Ltd is a constant innovator in the field of corporate technology.Finding ways to make your work life easier and efficient. Our forte lies in efficiency in corporate workspace.