App-based cab services - the culprit of inconvenience

by Kruze

Posted on February 25, 2019 at 12:53 PM

App-based cab services - the culprit of inconvenience

App-based cab services might seem like an ideal way to get around — you can get a ride anywhere with just the push of a button! But, with the emergence of modern app-based cab services, the fact of a rise in pollution and various other evils cannot be overlooked. The process may sound very easy and uncomplicated.

Enter destination - choose ride - review the oft exorbitant fare - and await the arrival of your driver. But in reality, there are a number of loopholes and missed moves in this process. ‘Mr. Krishna will arrive soon’ - these words can often get very misleading. Their ‘soon’ can sometimes turn out to be overdue, with a delay of over an hour! There’s no doubting that a large chunk of the modern society is shelling out hundreds on a cab ride that is not even efficient enough to get them to work on time! Also, leaving your car at home and getting into a cab for work, doesn't really change anything, as it a single passenger vehicle again! Let’s have a look at why the world is getting slower due to these single passenger app-based cab services.


1. Off the roof fares - In addition to the already high pricing of these services, they also have something known as ‘Surge Pricing’ which simply means, raising the fare as and when the demand for rides increases. This propaganda is developed based on the demand-supply principle - a feat unfair to many traveling only during peak hours! These services can sometimes charge you 10x the fare for the same distance that you’d normally travel! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?


2. Unavoidable traffic jams - Ride-sharing has added 5.7 billion vehicle miles to nine major urban areas over six years, the report says, and the trend is “likely to intensify” as the popularity of the services surges. With more and more single passenger cars on the road, traffic is bound to increase with bumper-to-bumper traffic during peak hours. The only way to avoid these jams? Leave 2 hours early from home!


3. Uncool ‘Pool’ services - Imagine this. You book a Pool ride on one of these app-based services and your ride arrives to pick you up. After you, 3 more people are picked up and dropped but you haven’t reached your destination yet! It has been well over an hour and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. And thus, you arrive late to work for no fault of your own on the reason of saving about 50 Rupees.


4. Rise in pollution - Drivers for ride-hailing companies spend much of their time without a passenger, which means more overall added mileage when their backseat is empty or when they're driving to pick up a new passenger. This adds up to the already rising pollution owing to single-passenger cars. An excellent example of the same can be observed with the recent BEST strike that forced commuters to hail cab rides which led to numerous roadblocks and congestion all over the city. This was just a small glimpse into how badly private transport can affect the roads.


5. Safety concerns - Not to scare you, but over a hundred cases of sexual assault have been filed against these app-based cab services over the years. Recently, a woman from Delhi filed a rape case against a popular ride-sharing company. With news like this coming out almost every day, the safety and reliability of such services are highly questionable.


7. Cancellations by drivers - As mentioned earlier, it may look like a simple process but one of the major loopholes here is cancellations at the end moment by drivers. You may have taken the efforts to book a cab and also waited for quite some time for the same, but the driver can still cancel as and when he feels like! That means you’ll have to re-book another cab and go through the entire process of waiting again! Phew!


These are just a few incidences that can change the traffic scenario from bad to worse along with other cons revolving around app-based cab hailing services. One way that the public can come forward to nullify these problems is by taking a bus instead of single passenger cars. If 60 passengers choose to take the bus to work rather than 60 individual cabs, it can make a world of difference in terms of convenience, reduction in air pollution, minimizing traffic, enhancing safety and numerous other virtues. The perfect and reliable alternative to such services is an all-inclusive, safe and luxurious yet easy-on-the-pocket bus service - GoKruze! Now, traveling to and fro work will not be a notorious hassle! Travel with colleagues in technologically advanced buses with convenient routes that’ll enable you to reach work on or before time. Let’s join hands for a greener tomorrow and opt for public transport! Go for convenience, Go for GoKruze.