Mumbai Company reduces Carbon Footprint by opting for Bus Pooling Service!

by Kruze

Posted on December 18, 2018 at 05:00 PM

GoKruze Ac bus

The ever-increasing debate on whether public transport really does wonders for the environment and is a viable option for corporate travel, is put into perspective by Mumbai’s Dun & Bradstreet Company. They recently inaugurated their new AC bus service with ample high-tech amenities by GoKruze, for their employees - taking one step forward to reduce several (carbon) footprints. As we may know, bus or car pooling have many more benefits than the ones that just meet the eye. Especially in case of corporate travel, there exist numerous advantages as it is more than just saving fuel. We list some down for you;

1. Minimizing Emissions: The first and most important benefit and impact of a bus pooling program is a reduction in the carbon emissions your employees collectively produce. Conveyance is responsible for around 31% of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions, which are collectively speeding up the intensity of global climate change. In this case, bus pooling comes as a refreshing change to reduce these harmful emissions.

2. Travel Time is Dropped: GoKruze ensures that minimal wastage of time is observed. We pick out the most convenient and common route for travel along which nominal traffic is recorded. Due to this, it could potentially cut travel time in half, making your employees happier and giving them more time to either work or relax. Collectively, this would result in less congested streets and faster travel times all around.

3. Employee Bonding: GoKruze Bus pooling allows employees to spend informal time together as these commutes last for about 30 minutes one way. That’s more than enough time for your employees to get to know each other on a personal level. Primarily, it may not seem as such a huge advantage for your company but in the long run, it will go miles in building and improving your team’s morale. It will eventually lead to higher levels of productivity and easy collabs for team activities and projects at large!

4. Enable Employees to be Punctual: Usually, employees are responsible for their own travel to and fro office and may wake up late, won’t account for traffic or bad weather, or simply procrastinate when coming into work. In this case, bus pooling by GoKruze unknowingly helps your employees to stay on time, as sub-consciously, they have a sense of responsibility towards this service. They know that other employees, along with the driver, are waiting for their arrival and are socially bound to be punctual.

5. Free Time for Multi-tasking: In majority of the cases, employees drive themselves to work either by a four-wheeler or two-wheeler. In this process, they are devoid of time to work on pending things or simply relax and unwind. With GoKruze bus pooling program, your employees can devote this time to easily knock off some work or wind up by listening to music on their way to office, which will mean them coming in warmed up and caught up on emails!

6. Employee Safety & Company Responsibility: With the introduction of bus pooling for your employees, it will generate a sense of belonging among them towards the company. GoKruze ensures that the employees are well taken care of inside the bus as each bus is equipped with a GPS tracker, CCTV cameras and utmost comfort in all aspects. This action will also account and add up to your company social responsibility and set an example for the rest to follow! So there you go! A few benefits for your company if you opt for our Bus Pooling service. Dun & Bradstreet have set a fitting example as to how one can contribute towards a greener tomorrow and at the same time, provide luxury travel with the latest security & safety amenities for their employees. They did their part, when will you? Get in touch with us today, to join hands in our mission against emission!