An AC Pooling service for your daily commute to work. Simply search for a bus that runs on your desired route, book a seat, pay for it online and use the service.

Download the Mobile App from Google App Store or Apple app store or use the web (www.gokruze.com). Register with your mobile number, after receiving the OTP. you will be directed to the Home Screen.

Yes we do, as well as groups. The GOKRUZE app is designed for single person use, and a user can book a vehicle for his/her personal use as well.

This depends on the distance you are travelling. However average rates start from Rs.70 to Rs.100 per trip*. You can avail corporate discounts if your company is a partner member with GoKruze.

Yes, GoKruze is the only AC bus pooling service provider that offers reservation of seat numbers to its passengers. If you reserve a seat for a month, this will be booked for you , for the entire month.

We have fixed monthly pass plans. You can purchase these as per your requirement online. Choose from Monthly Single to Monthly Return pass, as per your choice.

No, GoKruze is operational from Monday to Friday. If there is a demand for more than 80% of the occupancy, We may run the service, with addition to increase in prices accordingly. If you would like for this service to run on Saturday or Sunday, please call or Whatsapp the team on 8080806989

Neither are we, but when you register on the app for the first time, your first trip is FREE. you can always give GoKruze a try and see if it suits your commute needs.

No, GoKruze operations observe the National Holidays for the year. Please find the list below for this year dates, where GoKruze will not be operational:

Republic Day 26 Jan 2020 (Sun)

Holi 10 Mar 2020 (Tue)

Maharashtra Day 01 May 2020 (Fri)

IdulFitr 25 May 2020 (Mon)

Independence Day 15 Aug 2020 (Sat)

Ganesh Festival 22 Aug 2020 (Sat)

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02 Oct 2020 (Fri)

Dusshera 25 Oct 2020 (Sun)

Diwali 13 Nov 2020 (Fri)

Diwali 14 Nov 2020 (Sat)

Diwali 15 Nov 2020 (Sun)

Christmas Day 25 Dec 2020 (Fri)

Yes, we have services both in the morning and evening. You can select any trip of your choice while making a booking. You can also purchase a pass for just the morning or evening trips.

Depending on the requirements& demand on any particular route, we will be dispatching vehicles accordingly. If a route of your choice is not on the App, please suggest it by calling or Whatsapping us on 8080806989

Refund of your trip is conditional based on the reason. If you have missed a bus due to issue from GoKruze, the team will refund the amount back into your Kruze E-Wallet. However, if you missed the bus, thru no fault of GoKruze, your refund may not be approved.

Wallet balance: if ever you want to see all the debit and credit of your kruze wallet, kindly click on add money in the profile tab, click on the displayed amount to display all transactions

Based on the demand for this service, GoKruze will deploy personalized Home pickup / drop cab service. This is again, based generically on the demand for such a service only.Not available on the App. For requirement please call or whatsapp us on 8080806989

Yes, You can book for months in advance using the GoKruze booking platform. However, if you plan on making a booking for more than 6 months in advance, please send us your details and our team will assist you with any discount coupons if applicable.

All our buses are standardized and maintained in house to ensure that the quality of service is not compromised on. Our select few routes have WiFi* service in them, and mostly all the buses come with charging facility for your mobile phone. We will soon introduce GoKruze Play which will enable users to access movies and stream content on their mobile devices. You will be notified on the application when this feature is live.

Yes all our buses are GPS enabled as per the Mumbai RTO regulation. You can track your bus as well as share the location of your bus with your loved ones thru the Share Location feature.

Yes all our buses go thru the RTO inspection process and are compliant with all the necessary licenses and documents as required by the Mumbai RTO.

Our fleet of buses are well maintained and thoroughly checked. But for some reason should we face a breakdown, Our backup recovery team is on call 24/7. A new bus will be dispatched as soon as we receive notification for the same.

Bus operating hours vary from location to location and demand of the user. Please download the GoKruze app to find out about exact time schedules.

Yes, every passenger boarding the bus must have a valid GoKruze Ticket. If a passenger is found without a ticket, a first warning will be given after which, repeat offenders will face a penalty of Rs.500 per instance. Repeated offenders maybe blacklisted from the GoKruze app, barring all services for anyfuture use.

Mobile number is to ensure you are a valid user. Your mobile number is not shared with any third party, it is used to register you as a valid member of GoKruze.

There is no limit on the number of seats you can book per transaction. You can even book the entire bus for your personal use ( weddings, picnics, etc.., You can do that using the app, click on menu on the extreme left upper corner of the app, click on Book a Car/ Bus option) In case you face any issue please feel free to contact us on 8080806989

GoKruze ticket bookings are not done over the phone. All ticket bookings must be done by the passenger on the GoKruze app. If you do not have a smartphone, you can book your ticket on the GoKruze Website: www.gokruze.com

As soon as your booking is confirmed, You will able to see a confirmed ticket on the Tickets tab on the mobile app.

In case you have booked a ticket using our website, the same data is replicated to your mobile app when u log into the GoKruze application. There is a seamless integration between the website and mobile app. If you do not have a smart phone, you will need to print out the ticket and provide it to the driver upon request.

Our app is designed to give you up to date information about the bus status. If for any reason there is a breakdown while you are travelling (which is highly improbable) Please contact our call center team and they will advice you accordingly.

You will be notified on the app accordingly. Please ensure that your notifications on the app are switched on.

Yes, when you are a GoKruze member, you can book private bus services for any period of time. Simply go on to the app and book a bus or private car for your event as per needs. Our call centre team will follow-up with a courtesy call to get your booking thru

You may click on the Drop Seat button on your ticket

For Daily users: If you drop your seat 1 hour before the trip time you will receive a 70% refund into your kruzeewallet. Any ticket cancellations within 1 hour of the trip time NO refund will be processed.

For Monthly Pass Holders: The system is designed for our monthly holders who are constantly traveling for business. One can drop his seat for a single day or for a range of dates. When someone books the dropped seat the monthly pass holder will be refunded 70% of daily ticket. Please note if it's a return ticket both sides will be dropped and not one way.

Please contact the GoKruze team for any clarification on the matter on 8080806989.

Jump Seat is a feature that allows a passenger to jump their seat from one bus to the other, incase they plan to leave late from work or early.

Please Note: Jump seat is allowed on buses which ply on the same route only. You may able to jump to another bus only before your trips starts.

Please call our call centre team and they help you with this. Please call or whatsapp on 8080806989. You can also email us on info@gokruze.com

Yes, Our call centre team can help you with this. Please call or whatsapp on 8080806989. You can also email us on info@gokruze.com

Yes, you can book either for a trip in a day, for a return trip in a day or for the entire month. The choice is yours! With Kruze you can be flexible with your commute options.

Yes, However this is completely based on driver discretion. If the driver feels the needs for a passenger to scan their ticket, he will ask them to do so. Please note, passengers without a proper ticket, found repeatedly travelling in the bus will be fined Rs.500 per trip.

No, You must inform the driver of the same, Our team will be notified of the same. You may get checked by our supervisor during the trip, to which if not informed to the driver, may lead to a fine of Rs.500.

You will have to call the Call Centre on 8080806989 or email your request to info@gokruze.com. This request may take upto two days based on demand.

Yes. for any tech related queries such as app not functioning, ticket not displaying or amount not reflecting on your kruze wallet, you can whatsapp our technical support team on 9920180345 or email your concern to support@gokruze.com

Please can whatsapp our Technical support team on 9920180345 or email your concern to support@gokruze.com

No, GoKruze does not accept cash payment in any way for tickets. All tickets must be purchased online either thru net banking or by Debit/Credit Card facility.

Yes, Please call out Call center team on 8080806989 and they will assist you accordingly.

This is probably because your details are not registered with us on the GoKruze App. If you are unable to receive ticket via email, in the profile section kindly enter your name and email address to receive ticket via email whenever you book a seat with us.

In case of any emergency you want to contact your dear ones thru the app kindly update the emergency number. So once u press SOS button on the app this number will be dialled.

Company Code once entered cannot be changed by user.Please write email to support@gokruze.com to change the company code.

Please Note: Registering your account with an incorrect Company Code is an offence, and the User may be fined or Barred from using GoKruze services in the future. Please ensure the company you work for, is listed with GoKruze, before entering the Company Code.

Promo Code is a promotional code that GoKruze offers its customers from time to time. These codes vary from company to company as well as from route to route. Please ensure you are entitled to receive these promo codes. Promo codes are applicable only on Monthly Return Passes and not Daily Passes.

How to apply promo code : Promocode can only be applied while booking Monthly Return Pass before making the payment on the confirmation screen.

Refer a friend : You may refer and earn cash in return for referring a friend. Kindly use the refer a friend option on the app to share kruze application with your near & dear ones.

When they will book their first ride (Only Monthly Return Pass) you will be awarded Rs 100 when he enters your mobile no (below promo code) before he booking his monthly pass.

In such a case when this happens due to some technical issue, the deducted money will be credited to your kruze wallet within 24 hours. In case of any query you may whatsapp technical support on 9920180345 or write to support@gokruze.com

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This ID needs to be present on the member at all times.ID is non-transferrable.ID does not act as a form of payment.Driver has final right to reject individual from boarding, if verification criteria is not met.